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We continue our business life that we have started in 2014 by presenting the thinnest hermetic gas water heater in Turkey under the trade mark of DAXOM, by adding condensing hermetic water heater, condensing wall type boiler, electrical boiler and electrical water heater at our 2500m2 production side that we have established in 2015.

Our Research and Development Team have continuous work about developing and presenting new products for providing hot water comfort to our consumers with the slogan of “CONFOR TECHNOLOGY”. In the next period, we step up our preparations for presenting the different heating products to the market and we aim to introduce these products to consumers at the nearest time.

We proceed with our products and after sales service as accredited and wanted trade mark in accordance with our main objective customer satisfaction principle.
DAXOM not only aims being near their customer when sell their products but also being near customers in all process of after sales service.
Within 24 hrs service guarantee is given with 140 pcs technical ser4vices that have TSE certificate throughout to Turkey.
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