Wall Hung Condensing Gas Boiler
Wall Hung Condensing Gas Boiler

%108, 1 efficiency with Al-Mg-Si cast heat exchanger.
Wide modulation range
Circulation pumps with integrated control cycle
Silent Operation
Suitable solution for high-rise buildings with 6 bar operation pressure
Max 256 boilers cascade connection.
Microprocessor boiler control panel with digital LCD display and menu control.
High combustion efficiency with stainless steel premix burner and modulated fan.
Using both NG and LPG.
Boiler protection with over temperature safety thermostat.
High combustion efficiency, low emission values with PWM control fan.
Freezing Prevention.
Automatic operation according to exterior temperature.
Using hermetic or concentric pipe set.
Hermetic, semi hermetic or funneled options.
Coupled with solar energy system
Pool heating function.
External boiler and heat exchanger connection opportunity.
Condensing trap installed inside boiler body.
Internal cascade module.

Teknik Özellikler
Maximum heat output 50/30 °CkW68,2
Maximum heat output 80/60 °CkW63,9
Minimum heat output 50/30°CkW10
Average Range Rated efficiency 50/30 °C%108,1
Useful efficiency 30%%107,1
Average Range Rated efficiency 80/60 °C%96,9
Flue gas temperature°C71
NOx Emissionppm10
CO Emissionppm12
Heating inputinç11/4''
Heating outputinç11/4''
Gas inputinç1''
Depth of housingmm450